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We’re on a mission: to get children to exchange ideas, lifestyles and cultures, so they can learn about the world around them.

We want to build a platform for intercultural project sharing. A safe place where kids from primary school to high school can anonymously share their stories, and learn from the stories of others. A place of tolerance, conversation, openness, global citizenship and creativity.

To get Project Indus off the ground, we need to test it. And for that, we need the help of 100 schools to participate in a free pilot. Sign up at the bottom of the page to get your students to learn about our world and help us create the perfect platform for real intercultural learning!

Project Indus works well with an ESL or Social Sciences curriculum, but any usage is possible!

What we promise

  • A free pilot, which will run from September 1 to December 1 2017.
  • A safe place where children can share digital projects with peers all over the world (text, photo collage, video projects, you name it). Students will be able to comment on each other’s work, asking questions and engaging in meaningful discussions.
  • A large community of participating schools. This project can only see the light of day if we can get enough schools on board.
  • For more information on what the platform will look like and what it can do, please click here.

What we ask

  • Commitment to use the platform with your students. We ask teachers to have their students upload at least once.
  • If we want Project Indus to continue, we have to ask for a small fee to use the platform in the near future. The fee will be a maximum of $5 per student per year (we’re working on this right now). We ask participating schools to be at least open to paying a small fee if the pilot proves to be successful.
  • Your input! Let us know what you think the platform should be able to do, and what price you think is reasonable to your school. We’ll listen to your ideas at any moment during the pilot, but you can also submit feedback while signing up using the form below.


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Current number of schools: 15 

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100 Schools

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