Project Indus

Intercultural Project Sharing


In today's diversifying world, there is a social need to expose children to different ideas and opinions.

That is why we are creating Project Indus: an online platform that will support a large
and active student community, powered by the authentic voices and stories of students.
On our platform, we encourage kids to anonymously share their perspective on their own lives,
their local community and the world at large.

This platform will be a place where children can come together to exchange ideas in a safe and fun way.
Therefore, we are building Project Indus on the following values:


Global Citizenship

Expose children to differing perspectives today, so they can become the global leaders of tomorrow


Share your stories in any way you want. Write a poem, photograph your family or create a short movie!

Community Building

Become part of an active community of learners who are engaged together to better understand and discover the world around us


Create a profile, pick an avatar and gain levels through sharing your experiences and engaging with the community

"Our true nationality is mankind." - H.G. Wells

Our Solution: Project Indus

An interactive platform for educators to teach global citizenship through an ESL or Social Sciences curriculum

Project Indus is an online platform fostering an active, self-sustaining community of students creating and safely sharing content based on their stories and experiences. Our community is global, so Project Indus addresses the limited resources out there that prepare students for a complex world of cultural and socio-political differences. Because content is shared by peers, students can easily identify with the content they are studying. Furthermore, our homepage will constantly update to show the most popular content created by our community, so our platform will showcase up-to-date stories at all times. Project Indus will passively motivate children through both a shared sense of community and a gamified system in which students are rewarded for participation. The student content can be used by teachers to thread stories and themes together. Our team will generate lesson ideas and creative lesson material for teachers to use so they can reduce time, effort and resources spent on searching for great lesson plans.

  • Connecting learning and the real-world

    95% of teenage students say they need opportunities for more real-world learning

  • Teaching global citizenship

    80% of the public believes students are not prepared to deal with international issues

  • Improving student engagement

    65% of high school students say they are unexcited about their classes

  • Reducing teacher workload

    86% of teachers say they don’t have sufficient time to plan their lessons


The people who make Project Indus possible
Jeroen Strijbosch
Edtech entrepeneur, language enthusiast and anthropologist/sociologist with a focus on modern Japan. Driven by a love for global citizenship, different cultures and broadening his horizons.
Sarah Qiao
Passionate former teacher who has transitioned into an education researcher, designer, and aspiring edtech entrepreneur. Understands the power of project-based learning to foster confidence, grit and perseverance.

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